Saturday 28 July 2012


Take a stitch Tuesday - this week the stitch is oyster stitch. I've not done this one before and it wasn't in either of my stitch books, but I liked it once I got the hang of it. Some of it looks untidy but I think I improved eventually. If you follow my blog you will know I finished a book of TAST stitches last week. It was getting fat and I thought I needed a change...but I found that I missed doing a new page. I found it hard to decide what to do [although I have had fatigue really bad this week and found most things a challenge]. So I did an ATC, above and a brooch made out of ribbon, below. I'm not too happy with either, maybe I should make a page after all and put them both on it?

Friday 27 July 2012


More pictures with circles for the sketchbook challenge

Oh and the rabbit from yesterday - his face is part of an old slipper, washed of course. So he's nearly all made from footwear.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Sock Bunny

As you can probably tell from the title this bunny is made from a sock. In fact he was made with all recycled or upcycled bits apart from the stuffing. The bow was from a card or chocolates, the collar was a leftover ribbon from another project. His face and ears are also from something old, but can you guess what?

I will confess though, he is not the best made bunny in the world. All hand sewn very quickly.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Sketchbook Challenge - Circles

I've chosen a few pages from sketchbook 19 which contain some kind of circle. These were done with the sketchbook challenge in mind.

I've altered the spotty bird so she has some chicks and she is now on a t-shirt in the zazzle shop.

Monday 23 July 2012

Sketchbook 16 pages 133-143

Textured background and watercolours, pen drawing and collaged found images

The one above is just texture transfer and watercolour

The chickens are pen drawings

Sunday 22 July 2012

Feathers in the Sky and more pages from my sketchbook

There were some interesting things in the sky yesterday. I could hear a lot of planes - the Sunderland Air Show was on - but I also saw these feathers in the sky, well clouds but they look like feathers. Click on the images to enlarge.

More pages from sketchbook 16

There were also a lot of bees and wasps flying around yesterday too, but I only saw one like this.

Thursday 19 July 2012

TAST 29 and Stitch Book

Take a stitch Tuesday - this weeks stitch is basque stitch. I've used the stitch for couching again. The patterned fabric with the chicken was part of a digitally printed fabric sample, the full design can be seen on a t-shirt in my Zazzle store. The green fabric was hand printed. The only other additions are the charms.

My samples as a collection were getting really fat so I have made them into a book. I used a hand printed fabric for the covers and embellished with some of the stitches we have used in the Tast challenges.

I made it similar to an exposed spine book and used a spotty tape for the binding and the ends are hidden in the covers. It was a bit more complicated than a paper book - the blanket stitch on the covers was done after the binding.

I stitched on the back too, that was a mistake but I thought I would leave it in.

I think I will add a list of stitches on the inside cover although most of them are named a few are not.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Collage - sketchbook and tags

watercolour, pen drawings, found images

watercolour, image transfer

watercolour, pen drawing, found images

watercolour, pen drawings, found images


watercolour, image/newsprint texture transfer

collaged tags using art work

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Sketchbook Collages and Fabric Design

Mixed media collage - watercolour, found images [painted over] and drawing/painted eagle

Mixed media collage - watercolour, pen, found images [horse and paint brushes]

Mixed media collage - watercolour, found images and drawn/painted bird

Mixed media collage - watercolour, found images

Mixed media collage - watercolour, found image and drawn/painted mouse

Mixed media collage - watercolour, found images and pen drawn skipping rope
I've recently been designing some fabrics and putting them on Spoonflower with a view to selling the fabrics once they have been proofed. I've also put some old ones there that I did when I was at collage. They have weekly competitions so I've entered a new one for the mid-century cocktail dress print.  See it hereIt is an art deco stylised flower inspired by the fabric of Lucienne Day called calyx.