Thursday 28 February 2013


Take a stitch Tuesday - Design challenge 1
[Pick 4 stitches from the list provided and use them in combination to create a project]
For my little girl I used laced herringbone square, back stitch, straight stitch and French knots. Can you guess she is for my purple book?

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Altered Photos

Two altered photos, one of Molly in the snow and one of boats in Majorca.
I altered them using an app on my Galaxy Note.

Monday 25 February 2013

Bear on a Bike Post Card

Post Card Art - digital collage.
The bear was from the Graphics Fairy
The post card is from my collection
The house picture is part of one of my works
The bike - oops forgot

Sunday 24 February 2013

More Sweets [SC]

Two more pictures for the Sketchbook Challenge - Sweets.
For the top one I made a pattern and used promarker pens to colour in and on the bottom one I used a mixture of things - collaged paper [under the sweet shapes], watercolours, wax crayon, watersoluble crayon, liner pen.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Pages from Sketchbook 26

The shapes on these two pages were made with biscuit cutters, I drew around them. I've shown these pages before as backgrounds when they didn't have faces and details.

The page below shows a collection of little sketches - I was trying to get motivated for a contest on Spoonflower to do with the zodiac - I didn't take it any further, it just wasn't working for me.

Below - I tend to make patterns when I can't think of what else to draw.

This was also a background I've shown before, the flowery things on it are new.

Figure practise.

More patterns.

I think I did the date/numbers page early in the new year, guess I'm a bit behind on posting.

The sheet below was a zentangle challenge from the diva, challenge number 37. They are on number 107 now so I guess I did this a while ago too. Check out the site to see lots of excellent zentangles and information on how to do them.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Purple Art Buttons and Papers

Altered buttons, art buttons - if you would like to make some check out my art buttons page.
I used art work, recycled envelopes [painted], recycled address book [painted], recycled book page [painted]. I like the square ones the most which was originally a painted doodle.

More purple background papers.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

More Purple Papers

I used rolling stamps, gel printing plate, texture plates, stamps etc and lots of purple paints

Monday 18 February 2013

Textures and Colours

I got my old rolling stamps out to make some new backgrounds for the purple book I am now working on. The colours on the rollers looked really nice so I thought I would take some photos of them [they don't look quite as good in the photos - click on image to enlarge]

I have a separate page on this blog showing how to make rolling stamps [right hand column].
These are some of the papers I created, I used other mark making materials too such as a gel printing plate, flat stamps, stencils, texture plate etc

Sunday 17 February 2013


Take a stitch Tuesday - the stitch for week 52 is triangular feather stitch.
I did the dark purple row first and thought it didn't look quite right so I checked the instructions and I found I had done it slightly wrong. I didn't take it out as it is sewn on paper and would have left holes. I did another row in lilac with the work the other way round, then whipped the stitches in the middle and some single chain stitches on one side.
The stitching has been worked on hand painted, stamped papers. I used some of the old rolling stamps that I made.
I was at a friends house the other day and we loaded my blog up and it was very slow. I don't have a problem at home, in fact it is very quick to load, so I was wondering if anyone else is finding it slow?

Friday 15 February 2013

Green Book - Pages 37-45

Page 37,38- Leaf prints on paper [acrylics and watercolours]. I remember the day I did this, it was at a friends and she had found some great leaves for us to print with, I really like this page. {click on the images for a better look}

Page 39,40- Stencilled and stamped fabric, freehand machine embroidery.

Page 40- Brusho on paper[background layer], watercolour and metallic machine embroidery, handmade card button, cup [stamp made with foam and sharpie pen, machine embroidery], gems, flower.
Page 41- Acrylic[background paper], found paper [squares]], recycled envelope [circles], found paper [top], hand embroidery {Take a stitch Tuesday challenge 49}, handmade art buttons.

Page 42- Fabric sample overlaid with dyed, layered lace, machine stitched, cut, flower brads, buttons, decorative machine embroidery.
Page 43- Fabric samples with added decorative machine embroidery, house tag [altered fabric,applique], plastic skeleton dressed in stamped,painted recycled wipe and gem heart, spotty brad.

Page 44- Layered recycled wipes[painted,stamped], handmade square card button, recycled computer parts[green glass things on button], t-shirt print snippet.
Page 45 [inside back cover]- Roller stamped fabric, 2 ATC's of fabric designs/art.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Green Book - Pages 20-34

Page 20,21- Marbled fabric, embroidery and beads, dyed lace, ribbons.
Pages 22-36 - These have blank parts so whoever ends up with the book can either add drawings, paintings, notes, collage, etc to personalise it.

Page 22- Paper [dyes and salt effect]
Page 23- Layered papers - inkjet print[skeleton leaf design], brusho inks, inkjet print[stripes]
Page 24- Found paper[with bird image], middle-handmade washi tape, leaf prints [paint]
Page 25- Paper art work, blank watercolour paper.

Page 27- Inkjet print[of fabric design], watercolour art, leaf paintings, stitching, blank squared paper.
Page 28- Recycled transfer paper, blank pale rose paper.

Page 29,30- Collage -Recycled envelope[stripes], gouache art work, map, 2 inkjet prints[of fabric designs], stamped paper, found paper, found bird image, cloudy blank paper[2]

Page 31,32- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, blank watercolour paper, duck paper clip.

Page 33,34- Collage -mostly artwork on recycled papers, leaf print paper, spotty watercolour paper.