Thursday 20 February 2020

Bibs, Doodlewash and Elliot's Page

Day 19 -Music

Day 20 - Leaves [watercolour markers]

Day 22 - Kitten

I won't be posting for a while so I included a few of the prompts on the one picture.
Day 21 - Ocean, Day 23 - Tea, Day 24 - Mushrooms, Day 25 - Swan, 
Day 26- Dahlia, Day 27 - Goldfish, Day 28 - Beach, Day 29 - Rabbit

I've also made a couple of bibs from vintage fabric scraps, the blue fabric is the oldest.

I love this page my Grandson did as part of a book for me. The idea that the cake has legs so that it can walk all the way to your tummy cracks me up.

Enjoy your week!

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Little Pics and Doodlewash

Three pages from my little sketchbook

Doodlewash Art Challenge
Red Panda


Sunset  - watercolours on watercolour paper

Friday 14 February 2020

Ink Drawings and Doodlewash

A page of ink drawings, animals and birds

another page, the last one from this sketchbook
I have started a new A3 sketchbook but it may be a while before you see any pages. When I colour them in it takes a long time.
Also this week, Doodlewash


Cherry blossom
As it is Valentine's Day I shall leave you with this. 
I saw this window display when I was waiting for a plane last month in Heathrow Airport. It was a highly decorated giant heart in Fortnum and Mason's.
And lets not forget that it is Paint Party Friday!

Monday 10 February 2020

Snowdrops, Rain, Peacock and Lion

Four more Doodlewash paintings
Day 6 Snow
Day 10 Rain

Day 8 Peacock -
 I used markers and watercolour pens for this one.

Day 9 Lion -
I used coloured pencils for this one.

Thursday 6 February 2020

Just My Imagination and Doodlewash

Another page from the A3 sketchbook, this time the animals are mostly from my imagination.

Day 3 Orchids
Day 4 Dessert
Day 5 Sunflowers

Tuesday 4 February 2020