Monday 30 October 2023

Monday Window and Pumpkins

Looking through the window at Pockerley Hall,  Beamish at the beautiful scenery.

The pumpkins and scarecrows were in the gardens at Pockerley

Happy Halloween.


Friday 27 October 2023

Friday Catch Up - 27 10 2023

Doodlewash and Inktober

20. Autumn and Frost

Below was the leaf after painting. There were some light ink lines before I painted but then I put some thicker ones on top before adding the white frost.

21. Necklace and Chains

22. Sweater and Scratchy

23. Starry Night and Celestial
below before painting

Another version

24. Stream and Shallow

25. Lightening and Dangerous

26. Erasers and Remove

My daughter bought us some flowers for our anniversary. The big flowers are a kind of chrysanthemum and are an important flower in Chinese culture. They represent happiness, long-life and joy.

at Beamish Museum

with vehicles. Masham

This acer tree in my garden is looking very nice at the moment


Friday 20 October 2023

Friday Catch Up - 20 10 2023

Doodlewash and Inktober
Bread and Rise - 2 versions

Narwhal and Dagger

Home and Castle

Wings and Angel

Leather and Saddle

Scary and Devil

Tomato and Plump

Some new 50's cottages have opened at Beamish Museum and these were in one of them

In the same cottage I found this unit for Thursday Doors
and this bird cage

Happy Weekend!

Friday 13 October 2023

Friday 6 October 2023

Friday Catch Up - 06 10 2023

 Doodlewash Challenge and Friday Face Off


Baked Alaska

October Drawing/Painting Challenges - Doodlewash and Inktober

D - Dessert & I - Dream

D - Web & I - Spiders

D - Woods & I - Path

D - Ball & I - Dodge

Treasure and Map

Faucet and Drip

FOTD  Autumn Sycamore Leaves

Thursday Doors - a gate at Wallington