Friday 28 June 2013

Pink Book [part 5]

Layered textured papers, glitter, dyed lace, handmade fabric flowers, machine embroidery.

Fabric page - voile pink flowers, flowers made with lace trim with a gem under net in the centres and beads around the centre, raised stitched stems, distressed area with pulled threads and stitched net in the hole

Painted, stamped wallpaper, ribbon, dyed fabric flowers and lace, 2 heart gems, plastic hand.

layered textured papers encrusted with honesty seed pod and metallic threads, fabric ATC - patchwork, embroidery, beads, lace.

Smocking - too neat to be hand stitched? Actually it was from a dress, I cut the top off which was the smocked area to make a skirt.

The back cover - the flowery is vintage fabric, the other is some fabric I transfer printed years ago. he type that you paint on paper and transfer to fabric with heat. The white 'polo' areas were made by putting paper reinforcement rings to act as a kind of resist, the blue and green areas were sticky labels painted with transfer paint. And that is the end of the pink book. What colour next?
This rhododendron below is very unusual, why you may ask? I have had this shrub in my garden for 30 years and this is only the second time I have seen a flower on it. And I mean a flower, just the one both times.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Pink Book [part 4]

The background paper is painted and glittered. The fabric on top is all hand stitched and beaded.

Various papers, some painted, collaged and stitched. The fabric flower petals are from an old t-shirt.

Wallpaper, the right side this time, painted and stamped with lots of little fabric flowers with bead centres.

Wallpaper, the right side again, painted and stamped. Heart sequins arranged like a flower centre with fabric braids in the shape of flowers. Pink stars on a rope dangling from the centre of the flowers.

Wallpaper, the right side again, painted and stamped. Bingo card and numbers. One handmade art button and one regular button.

 A fabric page, painted, writing made with sharpie. Fabric layered square, with lace, net and bouquet of little flowers, ribbon.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Pink Book [part 3]

I've just noticed that there are 4 pages [8 sides] that are not stitched around the edges, these are just stuck together so I will probably take the book apart to stitch them. I guess it is a good job I didn't do a book binding technique as the pages would have to stay like they are but taking a book like this apart is very straight forward.
The page above - painted, stamped wallpaper, dyed lace, fabric flower with stitching and sequins [recycled from an old t-shirt]

This one is a fabric page, the art was done on the fabric, dyed laces, the little fabric hearts and beads.

Textured layered papers painted with acrylic paints and metallic crayons, stamped paper. Appliqued paper bird [the spotty paper was wrapping paper, googly eye and she is holding a string of beads.

Painted and stamped paper and glitter. Dyed lace [net curtain], large gem and beads.

Layered and textured paper, painted, with metallic threads incorporated, part of a doily and hand stitching, glittery ribbon and hand stitching, heart beads and beads on metal string, secured with cross stitches.

painted wallpaper, the fancy paper, hand made fabric trim - flowers under net with free style machine embroidery and beads, decorative machine embroidery

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Pink Book [part 2]

I recycled wallpaper samples for a lot of these pages,I used the plain wrong side for most of them. I painted them and used a texture plate [also made from wallpaper] and stamps and rolling stamps. On the page above I've recycled an inkjet print, which was also painted and textured. I used a punch for the circles and machine stitched over them. The flower petals were from a greetings card, the centres are art work, then stitched. The dress is a tag, digitally created and printed.

More wallpaper and inkjet prints. The rectangle of fabric is a miniature version of a repeat pattern  designed. The flowers I made from fabric and dyed pleated ribbon and I stuffed the centres.

As well as the wallpaper and inkjet there is a doily with stencilled art work on top, the little bow ribbon was from a greetings card, the other ribbon was from my stash and I dyed the lace. The ATC was made from layered, textured papers with honesty seed pods trapped between, then painted with acrylics and metallic crayon. 

More painted wallpapers and the cat was from a greetings card. I've attached the butterfly sequins with beads. The card butterfly was from a greetings card.

More painted wallpapers and inkjet prints and decorative machine stitching. The owls and the row of hearts were from a greetings cards. I made the flowers from paper, painted and stitched them.

More painted wallpapers and a painted patterned doily. The bears were from a greetings card but I attached the flowers and ribbon.

Monday 24 June 2013

Pink Book

My new book, the pink one. I thought a heart shape would make a change and I have used book rings to hold the pages together.
The front is covered with vintage fabrics, reversed applique.

I actually made a trouser suit in this fabric when I was a teenager [flower power was the rage, showing my age, eh?] I used the leftover scraps for the book [and other things]
The inside cover - this is hand painted and stamped paper [a handmade rolling stamp]. The butterflies and dotty bits were found in a magazine.

I made the decoration on this page with texture plates made from textured wallpaper [I blogged about it on the 17th]. The trim down the centre was a gift from a friend [it was actually a big square of sticky backed paper, I cut a section off to make the trim]. Three check buttons with hanging threads and a recycled metal flower with gem.
All the inner pages have been stitched around the edges - each page is back to back with another page, which hides any messy bits underneath. I found glue was not strong enough to keep the pages together but the stitching does.

This mum page is on the other side of the one above. Also textured art work, some in smaller pieces which have been zigzagged stitched together like crazy patchwork . There is a painted ATC with decorative machine stitching. The fabric flower with beads was from a previous project and the mum letters were cut from a greetings card.

Saturday 22 June 2013


I've been a bit busy this week so I've not been posting over the last few days. I have some photos to sort out for my latest handmade book which I have finished - the pink one. I have still been doing the 30 days of creativity challenge though - the entries are on my other blog here, check the whole month of June.
Gear threads have also done a feature of my work on the Mr X stitch site, here is the link.
Have a nice weekend, I'll be back in a day or so.

Monday 17 June 2013

Handmade Texture Plates

We have been decorating recently and we got lots of samples of wallpapers because we couldn't agree on one. I thought I should use the samples in some way so I have made texture plates out of the textured ones. [we chose a patterned wallpaper for the walls in the end]
Basically I stuck pieces of wallpaper to card. Below are some of the papers I made using the plates. Recycled laser prints - the paper is thin and started curling up but they will be used for collage.

I made the first texture plate on day 2 of 30daysofcreativity.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Farmers Market

This is a design I have done for a Spoonflower fabric contest  - Farmers Market.
I started with the sketch below and then made it into a repeating pattern.

If you would like to vote for it and/or see the other entries go to the contest pages on Spoonflower here

Wednesday 12 June 2013


Take a stitch Tuesday 68 - slipped detached chain stitch.
I have also used French knots, whipped running stitch, and running stitch.
The pink fabric is a vintage scrap and on the other I used a painting technique.

I'm a bit behind with posting my 30 days of creativity  - this is day 6
[I've had relatives staying]

Tuesday 4 June 2013


I am taking part in the 30 days creativity challenge, for the month of June and this is day 4.
This is also for the stitcher's challenge on Pintangle - Take a Stitch Tuesday
The stitch for Tast 67 is fancy hem stitch [the line almost in the middle vertical and the horizontal  line between fabrics]. There are a couple of other stitches, variations of running stitch and French knots.
The flowery fabric is vintage fabric which my mother used when I was knee high to a grasshopper. The fabric above it is one I created with transfer paints. This is done by painting transfer paints onto paper then transferring the paint from the paper to fabric with an iron or heat press. The white circles are where I masked areas to keep them the original fabric colour which was white. I used the sticky paper reinforcements to do this but any paper could be used.