Sunday 24 December 2017

Saturday 23 December 2017

Cushion and Book Stack

I made a cushion cover for my Grandson out of the leftover fabric from the quiet book I made him. 

The three finished SCrap books.

Friday 22 December 2017

Denim Apron

Another gift for an arty friend. 
A denim apron made from a pair of jeans with velvet ribbon edging.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

Fabric SCrap Book 3

Appliqued title
Once again similar to books one and two but with differences.

Painted stamped fabric 
Wax resists fabrics; stamped fabric [see top of page for rolling stamp tutorial]; the two scraps are handmade fabrics using water soluble stabilizer, one woven the other machine embroidery with added beads; art button [see top of page for art button tutorial] 

Marbled fabric; manipulated fabric
Marbled fabric; seed pods encased in fabric pouch

Screen printed sample; devore sample; fabric made from scraps with sheer top
Painted fabric with bleach resist; fabric made from scraps with sheer top; transfer printed fabric; art button; decorative machine stitching

Gelli prints fabric; bleach resist fabric, patchwork ATC with embroidery and beads
Gelli prints fabrics [by this I mean I used a gelli printing plate]; stamped fabric prints

Painted bleach resist fabric; applique boat and wave
Transfer printed fabric; painted check fabric, painted fabric with machine embroidery; layered handmade paper, painted and embroidered; art button

Inkjet? printed fabric; layered papers and embroidery; transfer print; machine embroidered rose on water soluble stabilizer
Purchased fabrics; flower sample - metallic and sheer fabrics with machine embroidery [this was a City & Guilds sample for a design on a waistcoat]

Transfer fabric print [paints]; handmade fabric from scraps and sheer
Marbled fabric [not very successful]; fish drawn and painted on evolon then machine stitched; beads

Marbled fabric; handmade cord - yarn and machine stitching; leaf stitched on sheer fabric over a hole
Bleach resist painted velvet, machine embroidery; found chain

Marbled fabric; canvas stitching sample; stamped leaf print, embroidered
Painted paper with free machine embroidery; strap

Painted, foiled fabric with decorative machine stitches; found embroidery from a pre-loved item
Patchwork with decorative machine stitches

Bleached resist, flower applique, beads and sequins
Crazy patchwork sample, embroidery

Stamped background fabric; silk painted leaves
Decorative machine stitched smocking

Digital printed fabric; embroidery om aida; patchwork with embroidery; layered, painted fabric with net top, beads and sequins, handmade clay buttons
New York screen prints, some on chamois

Holed, layered fabric, machine stitched and running stitch
Manipulated fabrics

Layered and distressed fabric [burnt with soldering iron, net top layer embellished with embroidery]; painted and stamped thick vilene; painted net from wall tiles; layered sheers and tree bark with embroidery; Florentine embroidery sample
Painted, stamped fabric

Monday 18 December 2017

Gifts from Friends

My arty friends have been busy again. 
Helen made me a wall organiser with lovely background fabric and appliqued houses. My plan was to hang it near to my sewing machine but I've no available wall space so it is hanging in my studio and I'm gradually filling the pockets.

Gill did an excellent job of decorating a pre-used box. She used paint and decoupaged bird and nature images. This has also found a home in my studio.

Friday 15 December 2017

Birthday Cake

It was my Grandson's second birthday today. He loves lorries, diggers and cranes so I made him a messy construction site cake. Messy but scrumptious.

Thursday 14 December 2017

Fabric SCrap Book 2

It's the same cover fabric as book 1 and some of the pages are similar but not the same

Digital prints on the left
Experiments with a wax resist, gelli print, art buttons, machine stitching on water soluble fabric

Transfer print sample with strips of paper, machine stitched cutwork leaves, paper layers with embroidery
Transfer print, puff binder samples

Handmade fabric from scraps and sheer, screen printed sample, devore sample
Painted and stitched paper

Layered painted fabrics with net top, machine embroidery, hand embroidery
Small pieces of fabric overlapped and joined with decorative stitching

Sweet wrapping papers layered with bubble wrap topping, machine stitched. Art buttons
Discharge printed sample, melted plastic sample on black fabric. Hand embroidery that I did on a t-shirt

Paper back printing overlaid with a sheer fabric, freehand machine embroidery, metal animal charm
Freehand machine embroidered tiger 

Transfer print [paints], the circle was hand painted, stitched and beaded, fabric flowers with machine embroidery
Painted fabric, melted plastic, machine embroidery and single decorative stitches

Gelli prints, machine embroidery, handmade cord, bead
Printed fabrics, one with textured wallpaper, layered fabrics with hand embroidery

Silk painting samples
Screen print, digital print [Queens], layered fabrics, distressed with net top and stitching

Screen print sample, machine stitching, beads
Sewing machine stitch sample [I no longer have that machine]

Small embroidery samples
Marbled background fabric, dyed lace and machine embroidery, quilted dyed fabric

Stamped fabric, machine stitched cutwork leaves, handmade cord
Dyed and bleached velvet with freehand machine embroidery, found bow

Marbled background fabric, painted lace and hand stitching, inkjet print sample, art button
Screen prints, some on chamois leather

Manipulated fabrics, some with wire
Layered squares of fabric - different textures

Layered and distressed fabric [burnt with soldering iron, net top layer embellished with embroidery], painted and stamped thick vilene, painted net from wall tiles, Florentine embroidery sample
Transfer print [paints], small digital print [to cover a mistake ha ha]