Thursday 30 November 2017

Young Fox

More watercolour painting practice. This time I used a photo from a magazine to copy.

Monday 27 November 2017

Furrowed Fields

I bought a 5 minute sketching landscapes book to try to improve my watercolour painting. This is my version of a picture in the book.

Monday 20 November 2017

More Leaves

More ink and watercolour drawings in my sketchbook

And some real leaves I saw the other day, they were very frosty leaves but it doesn't show up very well on the photo

Friday 17 November 2017

Tree Decorations

I did some little paintings with baubles in mind

I recycled a wooden curtain ring for the bauble. I applied a circle of card [for stability] either side of the curtain ring then painted the edges with a metallic paint. I printed my little pictures, cut out and applied either side of the ring on top of the card. I used string just because it was handy. I quite like the brown one above but not so much the one below but I do think the baubles are a little bit too small.

Monday 13 November 2017

Colouring my Drawings

I couldn't get to a new sketch book or the fabric I needed for a project because we are refitting the bathroom and there are things all over the place so I decided to colour in some drawings I did last year. They were ideas for some 3D layered pictures, the results can be found here.
Anyway back to the colouring. The top one I did with brush pens and it looks very messy.

I used watercolours on this one, doing the background last and it also looks messy.

I did the blue background first on this one and it looks better.

Same again, but it does alter the colours that are used on top.

The brown trees and bushes were already done from last year on this one.

I think my painting is getting as bad as my stitching, more untidy the older I get!

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Cornflower Pods

One of the more interesting things in the garden today were these Cornflower pods. I picked a few to draw but I've not taken photos of the results so I will save them for another time. {also you won't be able to see how bad the drawings are compared to the real thing}

Monday 6 November 2017

Embroidered Quilting Sample

In May I started doing some quilt samples with a view to making a book but I got bored so didn't continue with it. This is one of the samples that I've been working on and off since then and at last I've finished it. I may put it in a book of fabric pages or perhaps use it in the centre of a cushion.
For the design I chose part of a page from a colouring book and used Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy. {print it then stick it on your fabric, rinse off after sewing}. The thread was Madeira Decor which I found shredded a lot especially with the Fabri-Solvy as it was quite sticky.

I used mainly back stitches in various sizes with some French Knots.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Inktober 2017 24-31

Here are the rest of the Inktober drawings. I know it is now November but I did do the drawings in October, I've not had access to my computer for a few days.

24 . Blind

25. Ship

26. Squeak

27. Climb

28. Fall

29. United

30. Found

31. Mask