Monday 31 August 2015

Art Everyday for a Month Book

While I was doing the last word prompt drawing book I remembered that I started something similar a while ago. It turns out it was in 2012...and I've just finished it recently.
The covers were made from plastic cardboard with washi tape over the edges - I did find that this started to peel off in places. I cut all the prompt words from magazines and stuck them in the book before I started. I did post four of the drawings in 2012 so if you think any are familiar you know why.

Thursday 20 August 2015

40 Week Drawing Challenge - 1 to 4

I joined in with a drawing challenge which was set by one of my friends. She provided us with a page of prompts which I cut out and stuck to each page. Although it was a drawing a week I did more than one a week so finished it before expected.
I used a book that I have had in a drawer for some time. It is a hand made book, the pages have all been painted or stamped etc. some being highly decorated even before starting the challenge. I used a rolling stamp on the cover and used a Zutter binder to bind the pages together. 
Fancy joining in the challenge?

The brown area is a rubbing of a brick