Friday 17 November 2023

Friday 3 November 2023

Friday Catch Up 03 11 2023

Doodlewash and Inktober
29 Pumpkin and Massive
27 Dinosaur and Beast
28 Gemstone and Sparkle
30 Gold and Rush
31 Cauldron and Fire

at Beamish Museum

St. Helen's Church was relocated from Eston, deconstructed brick by brick then rebuilt in Beamish Museum. Some of the numbers still show on the bricks. The church was almost derelict and was due to be demolished until Beamish saved it. The oldest stones were from the 11th century. 
The pews were from somewhere in Somerset. The parishioners paid a fee to use a row of seats and had their names on a plaque on the wall next to the seats..

Cee's Which Way Photo Challenge [black and white this week]
The pit at Beamish

I've gone back to colour for the next two. Another gate for Thursday Doors too.