Monday 17 April 2023

Preston Park Museum Victorian Street Windows


My first visit to Preston Park Museum at Stockton-on-Tees. 
This is part of the Victorian Street which is run by volunteers. 
My entry for Monday Window. More windows to follow.

Friday 14 April 2023

Little Bunny in a Carrycot and Chickens

 Mini Carrycot and Bunny

I made this for my Granddaughter's birthday

I found the pattern on Pinterest and here is the link
I thought my Granddaughter had a small doll to fit the carry cot but her doll was too big so I made a little bunny to go in it. Pattern here.

Sketchbook Revival

Day 10 with Lauren Lesley - Paining motifs in gouache

Friday Face Off 

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Cat Dresses


I made coordinating dresses for my two Granddaughters, they are cousins not sisters.

I found the free pattern via Pinterest, see here

And the pattern for this one is here

Close up of the cat fabrics. I got the fabrics at a local quilting shop in Birtley which were on sale too.

Friday 7 April 2023

More Sketchbook Revival

Day 8 with Karen Stamper - Colorful characters.
A figure was found on the web, printed then the shape was used to cut from bright papers.
I used the back of the original print on the collage below. There was something already printed on the other side from another project. I used the cut out to paint around it.

I used the cut out as a stencil

Day 12 with Angela Fehr - Developing your intuitive style through spontaneous watercolour
I took a section of this, replicated and turned it etc to make a repeating pattern

Day 9 with Toni Burt - Sunshine on a cloudy day

Day 13 with Brandon Dean Johnson - Rough cartoon sketching

Day 13 with Karen Abend - Closing session - explore ideas, colour and meaning in a mini doodle diary.
This little accordion book was made with computer paper so is quite flimsy. I like to do the sessions while watching, sometimes it is impossible and I have to pause it but for this one I was way in front at times as I did really simple drawings. I used pen and coloured pencils apart from the house which was painted with watercolour.

I've not done all the sessions but I may do some more if the mood takes me

Also joining in with Friday Face Off


Tuesday 4 April 2023

Sketchbook Revival

Sketchbook Revival

Day 8 with Roisin Cure - Beach Bodies: The life drawing class everyone can attend.

Day 9 with Alina Smolyansky - Healing and Dreaming with Neurographic Art.
I don't think I did this one as shown, I got lost along the way and did my own scribble. I guess I was still inspired by what I did see.

Day 11 with Este Macleod - One, two, tree : three fun approaches to create trees in watercolor
I made a little leaf out of fun foam as a stamp which I used on the tree on the left

Day 11 with Joy Ting Charde - Colourful landscapes

Day 6 with Elizabeth Foley - Expressing emotions with intentional mark making.
With this one we were supposed to see shapes and colours with thinking of a memory but that was not happening so I just made some marks with watercolour, then a few days later put on more pattern with a white pen.