Friday, 22 July 2022

Sun Bears

 This is another animal on the endangered list

Pen and watercolour

This was the first painting I attempted of the sun bear. I used bamboo pens and inks. I didn't like the outcome so I had another go at the same picture but with watercolours and pen. Still not great so I did the one at the top. Guess I need some more practice with sun bears.

These are the bamboo pens and inks I used.
I'm joining in with Friday Face Off

A little bit of information about the sun bear. They are one of the most endangered species in the world due to habitat destruction, poaching for sun bear bile [used in traditional medicine] and because of over exploitation for their body parts which are used in ceremonial dances. They are found in Indonesia and other South East Asian countries.
Bear Bile Farming - moon bears, sun bears and brown bears are kept in tiny cages also known as crush cages, sometimes so small that the bears cannot turn around or stand up. Some exist in the cages their whole lives. Bear bile is collected by invasive extraction methods resulting in many infections. Most farmed bears are starved and dehydrated as this can encourage bile production. What they do to these bears is evil and heart breaking and totally unnecessary.

Read more about bile farming here

and watch a video on this page here


  1. OMG that is a horrible story about the bears. What humans to do animals is evil and they have a real special place in hell waiting for them. I do love the art. I invite you to join Friday Face Off .

  2. How cruel people can bee 🤨 to a kind looking animal.
    A sensation in Finland was last week: a wairy from Arctic sea was found in a costal town beaches😮 It layd there for some days, ones went to sea and turn a boat of a fisherman upside down, returned later laying on a backyard of a man in the same town. Then a big operation was arranged to get it to the hospital of the zoo . It was sick and died during the operation. Whole Finland followed that sad operation. It was starved. This unusual visit here can be happened for the climet change.

  3. All that dense fur makes it hard to distinguish the shape of the animal. I think you've made three very good attempts!

  4. It is so sad, man's inhumanity towards nature.
    I enjoyed your art process.
    (ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

  5. Reading this makes me both sad and angry.
    You are doing a great job highlighting the abuse of endangered animals.

  6. I am sad and angry too, Jenn. Not only man’s inhumanity toward nature but also toward other men and our planet. Nothing is sacred anymore. The artistic renditions of this beautiful creature are touching.

  7. How horrible what is done to these bears - and to animals in general. I don't understand how anyone can be so cruel and evil.
    Your paintings, however, are beautiful.

  8. I'd not heard of this bear, so thank you for sharing the information.
    I always enjoy seeing your art.

    All the best Jan

  9. I learned about sun bears couple of years ago. Heartbreaking. Yours look wonderful and happy. Did you make your bamboo brushes?


    1. No I didn't make the bamboo pens, I bought them. I might have to try and alter one though as it has cracked on the nib.

  10. Your art is lovely Lin....but the reality of the wildlife is horrific. :(


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