Friday 23 July 2021

Friday Catch Up 23 7 21

 World Watercolour Month

I'll be honest, I've not done every prompt this month. I don't know whether it is the prompts that are not inspiring me or because the weather has been so hot. No excuse because we don't have to stick with the prompts, I guess I just couldn't be bothered.

The prompt for this was tactile so I thought of my velvet cushions which one can't help but stroke. I did a very simplified version of the cushion as you can see from the image below.
The design for the cushion was a an original watercolour by me which I had printed by Spoonflower on velvet fabric.


Digital Design
Cretaed on my tablet, made into a repeating pattern on the computer.

I'm linking to Paint Party Friday


  1. It's so difficult to create when the heat is on but you've created beautiful work with the time you had. Thank you for sharing the cushion, fabulous design it looks fantastic.
    Happy PPF Tracey x

  2. Beautiful art, as always. Hope it soon cools down for you. Hugs, Valerie

  3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - your art makes me smile. That charming mushroom house, who wouldn't want to live there?
    Your velvet cushion is most attractive!

  4. Love your cushion and your digital art. The repeat of the pattern is very effective. Always love the mouse paintings. Have a great weekend

  5. Nice digital patterns and fabulous cushion.

  6. What a cool idea!
    It's tough when it is so hot. Even with A/C I lack motivation.

  7. Your velvet cushion is a jewel on any sofa. The mushroom tree house is something only you could have created.

  8. I just love the cushion, it is so beautiful. You must be proud you created it. :)

  9. I love the little mushroom home!! And the cushion is gorgeous! :)

  10. You are so cleaver with your art.


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