Saturday 14 May 2011

Beaded Alphabet Book [O-Z]

 The rest of the mini alphabet book. This is an altered address book with the letters of the alphabet down the sides. I've covered the pages with art work, printed art work, found images etc, then I've put a letter of alphabet on each page and included some sort of bead/sequins, mainly on fabric. I had a personal challenge this year to use some of my stash of beads, although I have not used that many on this project.

These were spare pages at the back of the book.
On some photos you will see some metal tweezers, which are not part of the book. It was difficult trying to keep the book open while I took the photos.

I see blogger have returned the missing page & as I redid that page, there are now two posts the same ... oops.


  1. I love little books like this! Makes me want to create things. I will do, when I get the time, this summer hopefully!

    A great idea and beautifully executed.

  2. Thanks Joe. Hope to see some more of the things you create.


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