Saturday, 23 June 2012

TAST 24 & 25

Two more pages for my fabric journal.
Week 24 - Take a stitch Tuesday - Buttonhole Wheel Stitch
The blue fabric is a mono print, I used a gel printing plate for this and some bubble wrap. The top fabric is a piece of devore I did several years ago. Devore is where the top layer of fabric has been burnt away with fibre etch and just leaves the see thru part, on my sample it is where the blue fabric shows through. I have also put on a couple of bits of lace and some running stitches.

Week 25 - Cable Chain Stitch
On this fabric page I have used a bit of digitally printed fabric on a sheer material, some painted and cut fabric, beads, lace, and running stitch. I've not done the cable chain before but I kept doing a twisted chain by mistake so I had to undo it quite often.


  1. Linda, I love your buttonhole wheels! You know, this is ancient solar sign. You create very peacefull ornament!
    Hugs, Masha

  2. You have created two more fantastic pieces. I envy you your colour confidence and skill of placement. Wow!

  3. wonderful way to use these stitches. you have done it beautifully!


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