Wednesday 25 June 2014

WIP and Dog Fabric

Work in progress Wednesdays - See Pintangle
My WIP is a quilt, all hand quilted. This is the back, I will show the front when I've done it. I started it for a competition but the deadline for registration with images is the 26th, tomorrow and it most definitely will not be finished. It may have been finished if I'd not gone away on holiday, I didn't know I was going away when I started the quilt, it was a last minute offer we couldn't resist.
I hope I don't lose interest in finishing it now though.

Also a new fabric swatch from Spoonflower, the design was for a beard and moustache contest. This one was printed on performance pique, a stretchy fabric that does not fray.


  1. My grandmother would have been proud of the fact you left no knots showing on the back of your quilt. She taught me to embroider, and insisted, no knots.

  2. Bearded dogs! What a cute project.

  3. now you have generated the interest to look at your hand made quilt. looking forward to see this motivating enough for you to complete it?

  4. The back is BEAUTIFUL! I wonder how fantastic the FRONT must be!


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