Wednesday 13 April 2016

Baby Sensory Cube

The furry rabbit has squeakers in his ears, button eyes and nose, pink bow tie.

Lion with a pleated ribbon mane, leather effect tree.

Lorry with beads behind clear plastic, button traffic lights.

Flower with different textures in the petals and a squeaker in the centre.

Jelly fish with shisha mirrors and different metallic threads.

Boat with felt sail, fish in a plastic net, rings on a cord, ribbons.

beads on a cord

I think Elliot's favourite is the bunny

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  1. Great toy! Did you make it? It is just charming and full of ideas.
    I have seen a book for babies with various openings on each page (a pocket with button and button hole, a zipper, a strip of velco, a fold over closure etc). Maybe that is for a bit older child, though.


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