Friday 17 January 2020

Paintings, Cushions, Doodlewash

I've done similar paintings to these before but I wanted to get some fabric printed to make square cushions so I painted new pictures.
This is the fabric made into cushions, I used a velvet fabric from Spoonflower.
I like the feel of the fabric and the colours are very vibrant.

Doodlewash Catch Up [I missed a few last time]
Day 8 - Parrot and Day 9 - Lava Lamp and Day 10 - Eyes

Day 15 - Skies

The picture below is actually bigger than the 3 skies above and it is painted on watercolour paper rather than cartridge paper.

Day 16 - Chameleon
Day 17 - Bananas
Also done on watercolour paper.


  1. Love your watercolor paper paintings. Of course your doodles are always wonderful.
    Happy PPF and weekend x

  2. OMG so many nice pieces. Luv luv the cushions
    Happy PPF


  3. These are all wonderful pictures, wonderful how you were busy painting again ..
    have a good weekend, Elke

  4. Wow, these are all wonderful paintings.

  5. Beautiful art Lin!! So many wonderful creations and I can imagine how lovely those cushions must be, they are fabulous in your photos. Happy ~💙✨~

  6. I've just been having a look at your Spoonflower shop, its beautiful and so inviting! Well done xx

  7. Your art makes me so happy. Bright, colorful, and each critter has a story. Have a great weekend.

  8. Your fruit is wonderfully done!! Happy PPF!

  9. Always love seeing your colorful work! Happy PPF!

  10. Hi, I follow you on gfc #162 , follow back?

  11. wow, so much you have to share. It is so much beauty and some fun too.

  12. Too much to swallow in a minute :) Love these colors! I'm sure these cushions will get more than one 'wow' when seen on a sofa :)


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