Monday 20 April 2020

Doodlewash and Dribble Bibs

A few people mentioned that they couldn't see some of my photos on the last post. When I looked after I read the comments I could still see them but today when I looked some of the photos were missing. I don't know why as they were all loaded at the same time. I've uploaded them again so hopefully they are there now to stay.
I'm hoping all the photos are showing today, there should be 4.


And talking of babies, I've made another four dribble bibs.


  1. I see all four lovely paintings. The baby is my favorite.
    I looked at your previous post and all are there as last time 👍

  2. Oh so gorgeous Lin! Yes, all photos are showing. Love the bee and the cute baby. Those bibs are sweet and will do the job! xx

  3. Hi Lin. I checked and I can see all of your photos now. When I tried to reload mine they ended up in my side bar. So it is definitely blogger. I just love your art. That bee and the baby wow. Just beautiful.

  4. Yes! They are beautiful! I see them!!!

  5. I can see them, too. The bee was my favorite, followed closely by the baby.

  6. That bee is beautiful, so too the baby and I love the dribble bibs.

    All the best Jan


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