Monday 28 September 2020

Watercolour Paintings and Patchwork Coaster

Not a Doodlewash prompt, I just got the urge to paint a hare.
The same applies with these penguins.

Now for the Doodlewash prompts
Day 22 - Outdoor Fun

Day 23 - Pathway

Day 26 - Surreal

I like a gin and tonic now and then but find that water collects under the glass on my stone coasters which drips on me when I drink so I thought I would make a fabric coaster out of scraps. I stitched the pieces together with little running stitches but used a machine for sewing the backing on.
It works very well with my G&T.



  1. Happy G&T non-dripping times!
    Did you make the surreal artwork while under the influence, ha, ha? The legged flying fish makes me laugh.

  2. The hare is beautiful. I like your coaster too.

  3. I could do with one of those for my G&T !!

    I do like your hare, it's beautiful.

    All the best Jan


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