Tuesday 24 January 2023


I'd not heard of this animal until I was doing research into endangered species.
They are the most endangered marine animal in the world. 
According to the Marine Mammal Centre 
Vaquitas are only found in the shallow waters of the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. This area is abundant in fish and shrimp, and many people depend on fishing for their livelihood. Most fishers in the area, whether they are legally catching fish and shrimp or illegally fishing for totoaba, use a type of net called a gillnet. Gillnets are the primary reason for the vaquita’s decline.
The Environmental Investigation Agency
The vaquita is not hunted in its own right – it is collateral damage, killed accidentally in the illegal gillnets set primarily for totoaba fish, the dried swim bladders, or maw, of which are highly sought-after in China.
They drown because they get tangled in the nets!


  1. That's so sad. The poor fishie! Lovely art, though!

  2. How awful -Christine cmlk79.blogspot.com

  3. Gillnet, a vepon to fish is horrible. Sorry for Vaquitas. A fine paintin from you with important info.

  4. I had never heard of them, either - it's always good to learn new things!

  5. Oh that's so sad-but you have captured these creatures is a very sensitive way.

  6. They have such cute faces! My heart bleeds for them.

  7. It is a great tragedy that we are polluting the oceans and destroying its inhabitants in ever greater numbers. Humankind is rapacious and unable to accept that we are part of nature and should not continually impose ourselves on nature.

  8. That's so sad.
    A beautiful looking fish, that I hadn't heard of 'til now.

    All the best Jan


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