Thursday 22 April 2010

Elephants x 4

All the same shape and size [20x20cm] the elephants were done in different ways.
Above - painted/stamped [with handmade roller stamp] using acrylics, the elephant was hand embroidered, and padded before wrapping around the canvas frame.
The acrylic painted fabric was very stiff to stitch through!
Below - the same as above but colours and stitching was reversed.
Below - painted/stamped canvas, the pattern was etched into the paint.
Below - painted canvas, etched pattern on grey paint, painted/stamped organza fabric, hand stitched outlines
Part of the 'Layers' collection.


  1. These are beautiful. I love the bright blues!

  2. In the top two photos... Are the elephants on different fabric and then stitched to the canvas? Im curious how the elephant is so defined

    1. The top two elephants are on the same fabric, I cut out a freezer paper stencil for the shape, ironed it to the fabric before painting. They are outlined in backstitch whereas for the bottom two I used running stitch.

    2. What kind of fabric did you use? And what's freezer paper? I really love this idea and would like to try something like this but also want to make sure I go about it in a way to get a quality product. Thanks sooo much. :)

    3. I used a firm calico [UK - If you are from another country it may be called something else, I think it is muslin in USA & Australia]. This is a good link that explains about freezer paper
      Good luck. Linda


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