Monday 29 November 2010

The Sketchbook Project [52,53]

I've just done a load of scanning, I didn't realise I had so many of The sketchbook project pages not done, so here is the first of the batch. One page I painted with gesso [the paper is so thin] and the other was stuck to the next. The sticking of two pages doesn't seem any better than the gesso, so I have gone back to doing that. It could be my sticking that is the problem, it's not flat. I also wonder if people will try to unstick the pages. The gesso has ruined some of my best pens so I've started using some old felt tips, gel pens and cheap supermarket brush pens which is what I have used for the above.
We have had more snow, I've never seen so much here before. I thought these planters looked like giant snow cupcakes.


  1. Hi Lin, you'll have to join the bead jouirnal group! We could swap notes and encourage one another.I am feeling a bit....(gulp?).There is some great work in the Members' Gallery 2009 etc.

  2. I love this blog keep up the excellent work


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