Monday 22 November 2010

Tree Decorations Tutorial

To make the tree decorations you will need some metal bangles and some small square scraps of fabric - a piece to go each side of the bangle. Pin it all round, then stitch it all round, some I have stitched both sides of the bangle. You can put the hanging tag around before you stitch or after as I have on most of them. Trim around when the stitching is finished, being careful not to trim the hanging thread if you did put it on before stitching.

The bangle below is made using a 'see thru fabric', this one has a sparkly sheen to it [organza] Before stitching I put some gold snowflakes, stars and a red star between the fabrics. I also stitched across the circle several times as I didn't want all the sequins to go to the bottom.

This one has bits of organza in different colours and some metallic scraps and was stitched across randomly. The organza looks good next to the window where you can see through them. you could try other things in the centre.

This one is just a textured metallic silver fabric

For this one [each side is different] I did the embroidery first [actually they were recycled scraps from another projects]

The blue one is from some old embroidered clothing 

Gingham for the country kitchen look - background is large checks & the stitched scraps are smaller squares.
They could be made really neatly if you have the inclination & time.

The snowman was also made from a bangle. Bend it to shape, then cover it with tissue & pva glue. Let it dry, then paint white. Stick on beads for eyes etc. The hat & buttons were made from faux leather scraps, you could use felt instead. Before sticking the hat, put a small hole thru the top of the head and thread thru a hanging wire. Finish off with a bit of ribbon for a scarf.

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