Wednesday 14 December 2016

A Blast from the Past

We decided to have a clear out in our loft including my old City and Guilds [embroidery] college work and I came across these two Christmas cards in a file. The spikes were made with wide gold ribbon I think although I cannot remember how I made it. I think they maybe called Prairie points. The green card is only about 3" high.

Another item I came across were these earrings which I quite like although I don't wear earrings so I won't be wearing them. Goldwork - beads, cord net.

I rather liked this little poppy picture, hand painted fabric and embroidery
Another card, also handpainted fabric and embroidery.
Another picture with various textures and embroidery
And this textured tree which has now gone with the rubbish collection today. Layered leaves, wool was used for the grass.
I did get rid of quite a bit of stuff, mainly files with paper, samples and lots of empty boxes.


  1. One very good thing with blogging is that you can preserve your work. Had you tossed out some of these things without making a record of it, the memories would be gone forever.
    Some people find it very hard to weed the wardrobe of clothes that are out of fashion, shabby or no longer fit. 'They are full of memories!' The answer is to take some photos of them, or look for photos in albums where you actually wore these garments, THEN you can let everything go to the tip or charity shop.

  2. PS I forgot to say that the Prairie Point Christmas cards are such a good design idea!


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