Thursday 15 December 2016

Gift Exchange

I met up with the arty girls at the weekend for a meal out and exchange of handmade gifts and cards.
The lovelies I received were a box of cakes - these were made from paper and the lid lifted to reveal little presents - buttons, glitter, chocolate, washi tape.
A handmade book with various types of paper pages and a cover with real leaves. Also a hand cut bird tag.
A handmade book - this one is a weekly planner. Each page was personalized and printed with to do lists, diary, shopping list, doodles etc
A gift to come at a later date

I made and gave 3D layered pictures. Designed in my sketchbook, tweeked on the computer and cut on my Zing Air. I used various cards and papers and also painted the layers which were then put in shop bought frames with glass fronts. The glass made it difficult to photograph because of other things reflected in it. Three of the frames are white although they look blue, the other is black.

I found the dragons as clip art.

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  1. Beautiful gifts all around.
    Do you think the lacy cream on the cup cakes is made from laser cut paper?


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