Monday, 20 May 2019

Baby Dress and Cardigan

I've not made any clothes for quite a while mainly because they didn't fit that well but I thought I would make a dress for the baby. I didn't think it would take long to make with it being small but I seemed to be making it for days.
My sister made the cardigan out of leftover bits of yarn she had and luckily it goes well with the dress.

This is four day old baby Joanie wearing the dress and cardigan laying on the quilt I made with a teddy bear that her other Grandma made.


  1. She looks adorable dressed up with all her handmade goodies .

  2. Totally wrapped up in love! They are all charming gifts.

  3. Oh my, Joanie is adorable and I simply love the dress and the cardigan she is wearing. She looks very comfortable on the quilt with her teddy bear ... so cute.

    All the best Jan


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