Sunday 14 October 2012

SC, TAST 41, Dirty Dog

The sketchbook challenge - cabinet of curiosities. I've done a collection of river creatures, some of them look quite strange like I could have made them up, but I didn't, they are real creatures. Watercolours and pen.
Take a stitch Tuesday - the stitch is knotted loop stitch. It is on the left and I have done the stitch in different lengths and meandered around a bit. I stitched the beads on afterwards. This will be one of the pages for my WIP blue journal. Also on the page there are three painted and stamped papers, vintage fabric [background and the floral], dyed lace, ribbon and fern stitch.
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We also did this stitch in 2010, this is the old sample [think I prefer it to the new]

Spoonflower fabric design contest - Creepy Crawlies.
If you would like to vote for it or see the other entries click here

We took my son's dog out for a walk and she ended up like this - dirty dog. She just can't keep away from those muddy puddles.


  1. The Knotted Loop stitch works well with both lace and beads.

  2. What a nice idea to work the knotted loop stitch on the lace. yuk to the creepy crawlies.

  3. nice patterns! couldn't find the creepy crawlies though :(
    cute dog is a cute dog is a cute dog ;)


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