Monday 29 October 2012

The Blue Book - pages 7- 12

Page 7 [013]
Navy background fabric. Layers and machine stitching - screen printed paper, layered and machine embroidery, beads and dyed lace.

Page 8 [014]
Navy background fabric. Patchwork of vintage fabrics, hand embroidery, beading, ribbon, machine stitching.

Page 9 [015]
Blue painted background fabric - waves, machine embroidery, dyed lace with ribbon weaved through it, t-shirt transfer - sea themed, duck and shell charms, bead, and pebble beads.

Page 10 [016]
Blue painted background fabric - waves, t- shirt transfer, painted found papers, ribbon, gems, machine stitching.

Page 11 [017]
Blue painted background fabric - waves, layered, stitched and slashed fabrics, beads, metal charms.

Page 12 [018]
Blue painted background fabric - waves, picture card from Ikea, printed artwork/painted, plastic letters, found bird image, tag - punched painted/stamped papers, beads on a metal thread.
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  1. These are lovely, may just spur me on to make some myself.

  2. soo cool! Especially the water pictures are super nice!


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