Tuesday 30 October 2012

The Blue Book - pages 13-19

More pages from the blue book - handmade mixed media art book with machine stitched fabric pages which includes collage, applique, embroidery, artwork, beads ....etc.  Click on images to enlarge.
Page 13 [019] above
Striped vintage background fabric, paper artwork, paper and acetate artwork, a piece of found sheer bag, bead and sequin & stitched flowers, torn paper bird, machine stitching.

Page 14 [020]
Stamped blue background fabric, layered stamped fabrics, buttons and beads, art button and pebbles, star fish charm, electrical wire, earring under plastic, plastic mesh, hand embroidery, machine stitching.

Page 15 [021]
Stamped blue background fabric, layered vintage fabrics, digitally printed fabric with stitched outlines, apple button, ribbon, sheer bag containing 5 ATC's [removable].

Page 15 [021a]bag contents - 5 ATC's - 1 x original watercolour/pen art, 2 x original textured art/paint and decorative machine stitching, 2 x inkjet prints.

Page 16 [023]
Striped vintage background fabric, sheer paper, painted textured wallpaper with stitched squares of other wallpapers, dyed lace, beads and sequins, hand embroidery, bead necklace.
Page 17 [024]
Plain background fabric, painted artwork, foil image with deer was originally part of a bought picture, decorative machine stitching, bird charm.

Page 18 & 19 [027]
Plain background fabric, furry teddy bear applique with check bow and bead eyes.

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  1. Gorgeous pages Lin - all of them. I love all the different elements you use on your pages x


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