Monday, 29 July 2013

Primitive Doll

When I got together with a friend the other week we decided we needed a new project  and decided on the theme 'stuffed'. I had an old cardigan waiting to be used for something and decided on making this 'primitive doll with it. I was inspired by the work seen inside the Prims magazine - art inspired by a bygone era. My little chap was hand stitched together with some dyed thread I'd had hanging around for ages too. He's more for looking at than for touching as he is quite delicate - because of my stitching and the frayed edges of knitting.


  1. Love it, they are such fun to make.

    1. Thanks Penny. I have some of the cardigan left so maybe he will get a friend.

  2. This little chap is just too good.

  3. A wonderful primitive doll- I love looking through that magazine too!


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