Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Trees - Mixed Media

Inspired by the challenge set by the sketchbook challenge - Into the woods.
I used recycled envelopes for the tree branches and bits of ripped up envelope and wrapping paper confined under the window of an envelope. To colour I used Brusho inks and wax crayons.
Another photo of this page and the window area looks blank.

I collaged a page from a vintage book into the sketchbook [this is a long sketchbook- 16" x 7.5"].
I drew the trees with wax crayons and then over painted with Brusho inks.
Click on the images to see a closer view of the texture

I went to Washington Old Hall [UK] last week with my friends, I liked the view of the hall behind these plants [I'm not sure what the plants are]


  1. There are plenty of interesting plants on your site! I like how you have made use of the the envelope and the tree planting instructions.

    1. Thanks. I actually got the book with the tree planting instructions from the place in the photo at the bottom.


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