Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sketchbook 36, the first few pages

I started this book in May [8.5"x 6"], I used stencils for the shapes, they were in a children's book I got from Wilkinson's, a book full of stencils, cheap too.

I bought some Letraset Aquamarkers a couple of months ago and I got some more for a birthday present in May. This shows all the colours I have now. One end of the marker is thick and the other not as thick.
I've still not decided whether I like them or not, they're supposed to work like watercolours but they don't for me. Perhaps I need more practice.
Mixed media- wax crayons, watercolour, found image of tiger, letraset numbers.
I used the aquamarkers for this picture, the flower on the left is a real one.


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